A Recap from Vegas

Well after being back from Vegas for a couple of days, I am finally adjusting back to the time change. Man does the time change ever kick my butt! 

I thought I would share what a typical day of food looked like while being on vacation! Unfortunately I did a terrible job at taking pictures this trip so you won’t be able to see just how awesome our dinners were 😦 

Trevor and I agreed that we would enjoy dinner out every night while on vacation so the first thing we did when we got there was hit a grocery store. This was extremely helpful for keeping costs down and still eating somewhat healthy! 

Here is a sneak peak into our grocery bags: 

  I also packed some protein powder and granola bars for us to have too! 
Here is what a typical day of eating looked like: 

Breakfast: oatmeal, protein powder and peanut butter 

Lunch: Greek yogurt, veggies, hummus

Snacks: granola bars, fruit, almonds 

Dinner: some nights were healthy like chicken & veggies, salads but we also enjoyed the best burger and fries and pizza. Everything in moderation right? 

By hitting the grocery store, we saved a ton of money on food and got to enjoy some healthy food too! 


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