My Typical Workouts of the Week

With all the information out there, it can be really hard to find what is the best type of workouts for you.  The best advice I can give anyone is to find workouts that you ENJOY!

The reality is if you don’t ENJOY doing your exercise for the day, you simply won’t do.  Maybe you will do it for a month or so but eventually you will stop.

Here is a quick glimpse into my workouts from this past week.  I know that this was a good workout schedule for me because I looked forward to waking up each morning to do it!

Monday: Shoulders

I am really trying to build my shoulders right now so I am trying to get two shoulder workouts in a week so I started my Monday off with a killer shoulder workout from Sisters in Shape –> get the workout here!

Tuesday: Plyos/Cardio

For this workout, I attended my favourite Revkor class.  It has lots of cardio movements & plyos for the legs.  I naturally have very muscular legs so I don’t care to build them so I like to stick to plyos on them.  I also think it is really important to get some sort of cardio in for your heart health.

If I can’t make it to the class, a friend suggested that I use the Nike training app for some good plyo/cardio workouts.

Wednesday- rest

Usually by Wednesday, I am pretty pooped from the early mornings.  My alarm still goes off at the same time, but I like to take that extra 30-45 minutes to lay in bed or relax with my coffee.

Thursday- same as Tuesday (a different Revkor class) or plyo workout with Nike app

Friday- #2 shoulder workout & a little chest

– shoulder press with barbell (x8) then walk with barbell elevated overhead until failure x 5 times (ouch)

– DB upright row 4 x 10 SS DB later raise 4 x12

– DB bent over delt fly 3 x 10 SS cable delt fly 3 x 12

– plate front raises (on knees) 4 x 10 SS DB chest fly 4 x 12

– Chest press on stability ball 4 x 10

Saturday/(or) Sunday- Back

– Deadlifts 4 x 10

– BB row 4 x 10 SS wide grip pull ups till failure

– one arm DB row 4 x 10/8/8/6

– incline DB fly 3 x 10 (last set, drop set)

– seated cable row SS arm slides along leg 3 x 15




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