The Power of Protein

Do you ever find that after eating a meal or a snack, you just don’t feel satisfied?  Or you are hungry an hour later?

Are you trying to lose some weight but find that you feel like you’re starving yourself and then end up binging on whatever food you can get your hands on?

If you are overweight or can say ‘yes’ to any of those questions above, my initial thought would be that you are not eating enough protein!

The average person does not eat anywhere enough protein in their daily diet.  As an athlete, I try to get at least 1g of protein for ever pound of body weight.  (120g of protein for someone who weighs 120lbs.).  This should not be much lower for the average person who isn’t physically active.

My suggestion for eating enough protein is to eat protein with every meal you eat.  For an example, have some eggs/egg whites with your breakfast, and some sort of meat with your lunch & dinner.

I will bet you will find yourself a lot more satisfied after these meals that contain protein!

Here is a list of some of my favourite protein sources:

– chicken, ground beef/turkey, lean steak, fish, etc

– egg and egg whites

– high quality protein powder (do not want a lot of chemicals & fillers)

– greek yogurt

– cottage cheese

What are some of your favourite protein sources?



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