Meal Prep 101

I think everyone can agree that if you have healthy meals and snacks available in your house, you are more likely to eat healthy!  A lot of times people will eat unhealthy when they don’t have time to make a healthy option!  This is where having meals and snacks prep in your fridge comes in handy!

I like to think that there are 2 ways for you to meal prep: Cooking food  1-2 times a week or making extra every time you cook.

  1. Cooking food 1-2 times a week


With this approach, you cook in bulk.  For an example, on Sunday afternoon, you spend 1-2 hours cooking.

This would include, protein sources (chicken, ground beef/turkey, etc), carbohydrates (sweet/regular potatoes, rice/quinoa, etc) and chopping/steaming vegetables.  You would make enough food to last you 3-4 days.  Once you are about to run out of food, you would spend another 1-2 hours cooking up more food.

I find that this approach works best for those people who do not enjoy cooking or do not have time every night to cook food.  Whenever I know that I am going to be working long hours and won’t be home until later, I find this approach works the best since usually on those nights I do not feel like cooking.

2. Making extra food every time you cook


This approach is similar, but you cook less at once and cook more often. With this approach, you simply cook extra of whatever you are eating for dinner.  For example, let’s say that I am BBQ chicken, roasted potatoes and grilled peppers for dinner tonight.  When I am cooking this, I would make sure that I cook enough of each of them for my lunch the next day.

Then I would cook something else for dinner the following day and make extras, etc.  I personally enjoy this option the best since I really do love to cook and try new recipes!

What do you find works best for you?!




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