Glutes & Core Circuit

Lately I have been finding that I am loving the quick and intense workouts.  Before, my workouts would usually take 45-60 minutes where I would do weights and then cardio separately.

Since being a little more tight on time lately, I have started doing more circuits and have really been enjoying them!

All you need is 35-40 minutes to complete this workout:

3 rounds:

2 minutes jump rope

Glute bridges with barbell x 10 -rest – 10 – rest – 10

Toe taps on bench

Weighted plank holds (place weight on back) x 1 minute

2 minute jump rope

Glute cable kickbacks x 20 (each leg)

Weight sit ups x 20 (hold weight on chest & don’t let it lift up when you sit up)

Repeat circuit with as little rest as possible!



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