What I ate Wednesday- January 20, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends!

This week has been superrrr craaazzyy busy so my meals are kind of random but trying to keep them as healthy as possible!

Early morning workout means half of a smoothie (1/2 banana + 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder).

After my workout & before leaving for work, I had a bowl of homemade museli!  This included- GoGo Quinoa 4 grains hot cereal + egg whites + dried goji berries & mulberries + granny smith apple.  After learning the hard way the importance of switching up my meals, eating a homemade museli instead of just my typical oatmeal bowl, has been a great alternative!

Mid morning I had my chia seed pudding that I made the night before! I forgot to add the mashed banana in, but it still tasted really good!

Lunch was a homemade thai peanut salad! This included salad greens + corn + salted peanuts + chicken.  Topped with a homemade thai dressing (peanut butter + soy sauce + water).  Also enjoyed some cherry tomato on the side!

Later in the afternoon I had one of my homemade PB&J muffins (recipe coming tomorrow) + fresh grapes & strawberries. I haven’t had grapes in ages and I forgot how much I love them!! 

I was super hungry by the time that I got home from work so I threw  some salmon into the oven & fried some mixed veggies up.  I had some left over sweet potatoes in the fridge so it worked out perfectly.  After having a couple bites of the sweet potatoes, I decided that I wasn’t really feeling them so decided to have a little bit more of the salmon because it was TOTALLY delicious!

And then I went back to do more work! Sounds like a fun night eh? 😉



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