What I Ate Wednesday- January 27, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends!

This week has kind of been all over the place since the job that I was scheduled to do got pushed back! Therefore I have been just doing different jobs/clients every day!

I started the morning like I always do- quick smoothie, lots of coffee and a good workout!

After my workout, I had the BEST breakfast ever! Seriously have been obsessed with this smoothie bowl & museli! Get the recipe off of my Instagram account here!

After having a killer workout this morning, I was starving mid morning so I enjoyed on of these homemade granola bars  by Hummusapian & then ate some of my sweet potato tots.  I planned to have the sweet potatoes for lunch but was THAT hungry! (and yes, I was so hungry, I only remembered to take a picture when I had one left hahah!)


For lunch I had a delicious chicken salad!  One of my favourite combos right now is grilled chicken and LOTS of feta cheese! This salad was super simple with grilled chicken, feta, and creamy ranch yogurt dressing!  I also had a handful of brown rice crackers (not pictured).

And of coarse after lunch, I enjoyed some steeped tea!

Mid afternoon, I enjoyed some greek yogurt with a homemade peanut butter cookie & half of an apple! (get the recipe for the cookie here).  Lately, I have been noticing that greek yogurt is not agreeing with me so I have been avoiding it for a couple weeks.  Good news though, it felt fine today so I think I am good to continue to eat it, just need to be careful how often I eat it 🙂

And finally for dinner- I have been SO exciting to make this pizza crust recipe ever since Sara posted it & let me tell you, it did not disappoint!  This baby is going on repeat for the rest of the week!

Topped the pizza crust with pizza sauce + pepperoni + onions + mushrooms + marble & parm cheese.  And of coarse I had to have some veggies on the side (simply just broiled a bunched of chopped veggies).


Topped the night off with some dark chocolate covered peanuts!


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