What I Ate Wednesday- February 3, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends! Hope everyone is having a great week!
I am working at a client this week that is over an hour away so I have been busy busy!

I didn’t have time this weekend to bake any snacks so today’s eats are pretty basic. I’m hoping tonight I’ll have some time to bake up some goodies.

I slept in this morning and gave my body the rest it was needing! Therefore, I took the extra time this morning to enjoy my coffee and cook up some stove top oats!

Oatmeal + cinnamon + strawberries + vanilla protein powder + unsweetened almond milk

Mid morning I had one of my favourite snacks right now! 180 degree rice crisp nut clusters! They are made out of puffed rice, nuts & dried fruit, and they are tasty!

Lunch was my delicious Thai peanut salad! I promise I will have this recipe posted this week! It’s so easy but it is so delicious!

Mid afternoon I had a pear with some almond butter. I have came to the conclusion that I love having a fruit & nut butter for an afternoon snack.

And I totally forgot to take a picture, sorry!! 

I whipped up some homemade burgers when I got home from work buuuut when they were cooking, I realized that I didn’t have a lot of burger buns so I save the bun for my lunch tomorrow & enjoyed a burger salad!

Mixed the salad with chipotle ranch dressing, a little parm cheese & the burger! This was soooo good that I think I may forgo the bun tomorrow for lunch and have this again!

I was still a little hungry after dinner so snacked on some sweet potato veggie chips and then called it a night 🙂


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday- February 3, 2016

  1. What a yummy day you had! I’m actually still in school right now, which means I eat two meals on the go: brekkie and lunch! It’s easy to pack if you do it the night before and you keep things simple but healthy.


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