What I Ate Wednesday- March 2, 2015

I am baaaccckkkk with my favourite post!! I wish I could say that this is due to the fact that work has slowed now, but unfortunately I am still truckin’!

I figured that a quick post here was better than nothing right?

My morning started out as usual with my workout.  I don’t think I ever mentioned it, but first thing I do when I wake up (whether I am working out or not) is chug a big glass of water.  Your body is so dehydrated from sleeping all night, it needs it!!

After that, I had my favourite pre-workout snack right now.  Since I have been pretty tired getting up in the mornings, I am having a hard time eating before my workout.  I found the best substitute is to blend some protein powder in my coffee so I am not drinking my coffee or working out on an empty stomach! (you guys gotta try this, it is highly addicting)


After my workout & once I was ready for work, I enjoyed my favourite post workout meal- an Acai smoothie bowl topped with Kashi Granola!

Mid morning, I snacked on one of my nut cluster bars!

For lunch I enjoyed some chicken cooked in franks hot sauce, cubed sweet potatoes dipped in Powdered PB mixed with water (seriously amazing) and mixed veggies with hot sauce.  Can I tell I like spicy food?

Afternoon snack was some mashed avocado with brown rice crackers!  Since avocado had been super expensive around me, I hadn’t been eating it for a while.  However, on the weekend when I went to the grocery store, they were on sale so I stocked up! I forgot how much I LOVE avocados!! (PS I promise it tasted a lot better than it looks ;))

After being hit hard by the snow storm and taking forever to get home from work, dinner was a super quick taco salad since  I had left over ground beef from the weekend (& I was HANGRY ;))!  Thank goodness!  I put it on top of a bed of salad & chopped veggies, and then mixed in some crumbled Luke’s Sweet Potato, Buckwheat & Hemp tortilla chips & chipotle ranch greek yogurt dressing!

And of coarse I had to have my nightly chocolate fix.  Tonight’s pick was half of a Justin’s PB cup (so amazing!!!)



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