What I Ate Wednesday- March 23, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends and thanks for popping by for another week of WIAW!

My morning started out per usual- It doesn’t matter how far I have to drive for work, I always wake up 30 minutes before my workout, to sit and relax with my coffee.  Lately I have been loving blending 1/2 scoop of chocolate protein powder with my coffee! Makes for the perfect pre-workout snack if I am not super hungry!

Here are the links of the workout that I did today.  Lately I have been getting lots of my workouts from Andrea’s instagram account and have been LOVING them!

I started with this workout  but only did the first round (800m, lunges, burpees). I had to do EMOM for 7 minutes because I can’t run 800m as quickly as her.  I did 3 rounds of this.  Then I completed this bodyweight circuit. This circuit is a great reminder of how hard using your body weight can be!

After my workout, I had my usual smoothie bowl for breakfast (topped with PB puffins).  I have noticed that on the days that I exercise, I usually always have a smoothie bowl for breakfast but on the days that I don’t exercise, I usually have sweet potato porridge or oatmeal for breakfast!

Mid morning I snacked on a rice cake with lots of sesame cranberry peanut butter. I am officially obsessed with this nut butter! So good! I also had some kefir on the side (not pictured). I have recently learned about kefir and let’s just say that this will definitely be something I include in my diet every day!

If you didn’t catch my post this weekend on instagram, I was recently gifted a bread machine for my birthday!  After watching the documentary series, Cooked, I really wanted to start buying/making bread that did not contain all the chemicals and crap in it! So my boyfriend’s parent’s were the best, and they got me one for my bday!

So lunch today was a sandwich with my homemade whole wheat bread, mashed avocado & buffalo chicken.  I had some raw mixed veggies on the side. However, by the time lunch came around, I was STARVING so I ended up eating my homemade cookie dough balls (I made them into bars this time), which I had planned to be my afternoon snack!

Thankfully I had a quest bar in my lunch pale because by 3 o’clock, I was hungry aggaaaiiinn! I always try to keep bars like this in my bag for ‘just in case’ situations like this!

On the weekend when I was baking up a storm with my new bread machine, I also made individual whole wheat pizza crusts, which we took out for dinner tonight! I topped my pizza crust with lots of veggies, chicken & cheese! I also enjoyed lots of raw veggies on the side.  This dinner definitely hit the spot! I had made enough pizza crusts so we would have some for our lunches the next day, but unfortunately I kind of wrecked my first attempt with the pizza so I don’t get to have one today for my lunch… (Don’t ask, touchy subject ;))




4 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday- March 23, 2016

  1. I lovveee my bread machine maker. Its a perfect balance between making it completely from scratch (which I’d love to be able to say I do all the time, but let’s be real we don’t always have time for that) and buying the packaged stuff. Sesame cranberry peanut butter!? Was this homemade? Sounds incredible.


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