Cookie Dough Chunks








Growing up there was nothing that I enjoyed doing more than hittin’ up Diary Queen with my brother for a big ass cookie dough blizzard.  I swear it was probably our favourite thing to do together ;).

It doesn’t matter how health conscious I get, there will always be room in my diet for a good old cookie dough blizzard.

However, the reality is that it isn’t good for you to enjoy a DQ blizzard every day so I forced myself to find a cookie dough recipe that I could enjoy every day that was still good for you!

These cookie dough chunks are amazing on top of smoothie bowls, banana “nice cream”, in yogurt or simply just by themselves!

1/4 cup of chunky peanut butter
1 tbsp of manuka honey (or maple syrup)
1/2 cup of oat flour (blended quick oats)
1 – 2 tbsp of mini chocolate chips
1-2 tsp of milk


  1. Melt the honey in the microwave for 10-20 seconds.
  2. Mix together the melted honey and peanut butter
  3. Add in chocolate chips
  4. Slowly add in the oat flour.  I usually add in about half of the oat flour, mix, then add in some more
  5. Depending on the consistency of your dough, add in 1 tsp of milk.  The dough should be very sticky, but you should be able to mix all of oat flour with the PB and honey. If needed, add in the other tsp of milk.
  6. Mix well with your hands.  Now roll the dough into very small balls.  I did some a little smaller and some a little bigger
  7. Place the cookie dough chunks in the freezer for 1 hour (or over night)



5 thoughts on “Cookie Dough Chunks

  1. I’m totally making a cookie dough “Blizzard” with these and banana nice cream this weekend! Such an amazing treat that’s actually super nutritious. It’s be an acceptable breakfast, right ;)?


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