What I Ate Wednesday – April 20, 2016

It is that time of the week again, frankly my favourite day of the week! I always love checking out other’s WIAW since I am always searching for new snack/meal ideas!

This morning started out a little differently since I am actually meeting a friend on my lunch hour for a workout!  Therefore, this morning I took the dog for a long walk, then enjoyed my coffee & wrote this blog post!

After sippin’ my coffee & bloggin’, I made a delicious smoothie bowl!  PB&J flava!  Yesterday I saw one of my girlfriend’s post this PB&J smoothie bowl on Instagram so I knew I would definitely be making it this morning!  It totally hit the spot!

After my smoothie bowl, I always enjoy 1/2 cup of kefir!  For someone who has a really hard time being regular, this drink has made a HUGE improvement!





Mid morning I snacked on some of my avocado brownies & cookie dough chunks (variety is the spice of life right 😉 )

Before my workout, I enjoyed a left over hamburger with some grilled veggies!  I will admit that these burgers were a little over cooked for my liking but I was really hungry so! However, these homemade buns were amazing!

I obviously had to end lunch with a piece of dark chocolate! I recently found these individual servings of dark chocolate and love them! They are perfect for portion control but still satisfy that sweet craving!

Mid afternoon I enjoyed some greek yogurt topped with cinnamon & PB2 and an apple on the side.

My dad recently just bought the new actifry (essentially a deep fryer but you only use 1/2 tbsp of oil) so I stopped and picked it up on my way home from work.  This product is seriously magic! It made the best sweet potatoes fries!  This item is definitely going on my wish list!  I paired the sweet potato fries with some homemade chicken fingers & salad!

After dinner, we took Benny on a nice trail walk and then I crashed hard on the couch!


5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday – April 20, 2016

  1. Brownies and cookie dough bites for a snack?!?!? Heck yes! I need to check out their recipes ASAP, they sound right up my ally. Those sweet potato fries look so amazing too! I’ve been really into roasting them and making “chips” and “fries” lately. They taste so amazing, especially when dipped in hummus or peanut butter.


  2. YUM! I would pinpoint what I would love to try, but in this day I’d pretty much want to try EVERYTHING! I totally can relate how I always have to end each meal with some chocolate 🙂 I totally want to have sweet potato fries now, haha!

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