What I Ate Wednesday- May 18, 2016

I made a commitment to myself that this week I would get a WIAW post up so without fail, here I am!!

Morning started out as usual- coffee & workout! I have been doing a new workout program lately and have been LOVING it but man, it is making me hungry!

Therefore I have lots of food in today’s post 😉

Post workout/breakfast included my favourite-  PB Acai smoothie bowl with rawnola mixed in (dates & oatmeal) and topped it with PB puffins.  Have you ever tried these puffins? They are highly addictive..



Morning snack included some oatmeal with cinnamon raison PB.  I have been increasing my portion of oatmeal here in the mornings since I am finding that having only a small portion wasn’t keeping me full for long enough!  Listen to your body ya’ll 😉 


Lunch included some avocado toast, grilled chicken breast & a garden salad topped with roasted chickpeas!  I usually am not a fan of chickpeas but I have been loving the roasted ones!  They make for the perfect crunch in the salad!

Afternoon snack was some plain greek yogurt with granola.

I ended up doing some more work when I got home  so I didn’t end up eating dinner till like 8, which is late for me!  I whipped up a korean beef stir fry and had a sweet potato on the side (I only ate about half of it) & then enjoyed some veggie chips on the side.  Have you guys ever had veggie chips? I am seriously addicted to them!  And unfortunately so is my boyfriend…. I bought him regular chips and somehow they have gone untouched but all of my veggie chips are gone LOL.  Urgh I guess I can’t be mad if he is trying to eat healthier 😛



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