What I Ate Wednesday- June 8, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends! Back by popular demand, I have a new WIAW this week! Hopefully this will give you some new ideas for snacks & meals!

Morning started out as usual, coffee blended with chocolate protein powder and then a workout!

Followed up by my fav: PB banana smoothie bowl topped with some nature path organic flakes cereal. I have been loving nature path oat & wheat flake cereal since they have very few ingredients & really low sugar.  However, I was out of them this morning so I had some of my boyfriend’s cereal which had a little more sugar than I usually like but one day won’t kill me!

Morning snack was some brown rice cakes with almond butter! I am not one who usually measures out my food, however, when it comes to nuts & nut butter, I do. I like using these containers in the pictures because I know roughly what 1 & 2 tbsp of nut butter looks like in it. I think most people over eat nuts & nut butter because they eat way too big of a portion size of them. Do you actually know what 1 serving of nuts look like?


Lunch included left overs from the previous nights dinner: BBQ Buffalo chicken, swede fries, with zoodles & sunflower seeds.

By the time 230 came around I was reallyyyy hungry again so I had some Greek yogurt mixed with kefir, PB powder & cinnamon with a baby Granny Smith Apple on the side

By the time I got home from work & walked the pup, I was pretty hungry again. Okay fine, I was hangry!! So I whipped this dinner up quickly: BBQ chicken sausages, steamed green beans, mixed veggies with hot sauce, quinoa and dry roasted almonds! Totally hit the spot with the almonds in there!

I was still a little hungry after this so I enjoyed another 1/2 of the chicken sausage with more veggies & called it a night!



5 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday- June 8, 2016

  1. If I have a REALLY good eye, I don’t measure. Something that I know I OD on, then I have to measure it out! For instance, I’m pretty laid back when it comes to protein, fruits and veggies, but I try to measure out healthy fats, cereals/grains and superfoods! And as for nuts it varies depending on what kind, but some people say that a handful is a good amount 🙂


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