WIAW + A New Workout

Hey friends!  I hope everyone is having a great week!  I thought I would do this WIAW a little different since I also wanted to share a killer workout!

Here is a little glance into my meals & snacks yesterday!  After the workout I did (see below), I was needing lots of good food to fuel me for the rest of the day.

PWO: a smoothie bowl topped with Purely Elizabeth’s blueberry hemp granola (this is seriously the best granola I have ever had!)

Morning snack: brown rice cakes with crunchy coconut peanut butter (it is made out of roasted peanuts, coconut oil & coconut, and it is too die for).  There is a really good chance that this jar will be gone in the week 😉

Lunch: multigrain sourdough bread from a local bakery (I like to treat myself once a month to someone else’s homemade bread) topped with cream cheese with a homemade turkey patty & broccoli on the side

Afternoon snack: A little bit of vanilla protein powder mixed with almond milk & cinnamon, and then I added in some mixed berries & roasted almonds. This is probably one of my favourite snacks right now.  Now that berries are in season around me, I can’t seem to get enough!

Dinner: BBQ steak with swede fries and side salad with beets & balsamic dressing

Finished the night off with a carbonated natural water and headed to bed early!

Now for today’s workout! If you guys like me including my workouts in these posts, let me know!

I felt amazing after this workout and will definitely be doing it again! Let me know if you try this workout!


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