WIAW: Katie Proctor Guest Post

Hey guys, I am super excited for today’s WIAW post since it is coming from one of my friends, Katie!  I hope you all are as excited as I am since there are a lot of delicious snack & meal ideas!

Katie is a wellness enthusiast, health coach and business mentor obsessed with helping you create your best life possible. She currently lives in Denver, CO with her husband and dog, where she enjoys leading an active lifestyle that includes fitness studio hopping, hiking, biking and trying every green juice in town. You can find her online at http://www.elevatewithkatie.com and on social media @elevatewithkatie

7am Breakfast — I usually have a simple chocolate vegan protein shake in the morning with almond milk and a dash of peppermint extract. It seriously tastes like a thin mint! Right now, I’m doing more weightlifting so I enjoyed it pre-workout otherwise I’ll do fasted cardio/HIIT because it’s hard for me to keep anything down when I’m jumping around that early.

9am AM Snack — Or as I like to call it, second breakfast. Back when I had a “dieting” mentality I used to eat way too little during the day and then be starving at night or feel like I had to play catch up and eat a ton of calories to reach my goal. Now, I know my body does best when I spread it out during the day so I had oatmeal with nonfat organic Greek yogurt, a banana and cinnamon.
10:30am Coffee — Since I’m working from home now, I need to get out of the house every once in a while to keep my sanity. So I went to my favorite shop around the corner and had an iced latte with almond milk. Coffee really bothers my stomach so not sure why I continue to drink it but it’s one habit that I consider a “treat” when I’m working hard.
1:00pm Lunch — We have tons of fresh basil in our garden so I made a big batch of pistachio pesto to eat throughout the week. I paired it with zucchini and kale {also from the garden}, chicken we already had ready-made in the freezer and quinoa. I’m not really one of those major meal preppers but I do like to think about what I’m going to eat throughout the week so I can have easy combinations and “meal components” ready to go rather than eat the same soup 5x in a row. I tend to waste food that way because I get sick of the leftovers! The point of me saying this is that you have to find what works for YOU and your lifestyle.
2:30pm PM Snack — I like to include some healthy fat with my fruit/carb intake to keep my blood sugar stable. Today it was a cup of frozen cherries and 2 tsp of coconut butter.
4:30pm La Croix — I am usually ready to call it quits working this time of day so I need a little boost to keep me going. Lately I’ve been loving La Croix {coconut and tangerine are my favorite flavors} to tide me over until dinnertime when my husband gets home.
7:00pm Dinner — My husband smoked whole trout we picked up at Costco over the weekend so I made us a plate full with fish, wasa crackers and a homemade “bruschetta” from garden veggies {cucumber, zucchini, tomato} and herbs {basil, cilantro, chives}.
7:30pm Dessert — I could barely wait until my meal was finished to grab a piece of this paleo coconut flour zucchini bread. It’s so yummy especially with a few cacao nibs sprinkled in. The perfect treat to round out the day.
As a registered dietitian, my favorite thing is to help people understand they don’t have to deprive their bodies of food and especially not of carbs. A balanced plate of whole foods and lots of fruits and veggies are the key to good nutrition. When people find out that I eat at least 1800 calories a day, they are usually surprised because it’s so ingrained in our minds that 1400 or 1200 are what we need to achieve our health and fitness goals.

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