WIAW – September 14, 2016

Happy Wednesday guys!

Did you enjoy seeing one of my girlfriend’s meals/snacks last week?  I will try to get a couple more people to come on here & share!

I havent done a WIAW myself lately so I figured I would do a quick post this week!

Morning started out per usual- coffee blended with chocolate protein powder – workout – breakfast

Breakfast: one of my favs right now- DIY oat cereal… I eat this much on the daily!

Morning snack: I have been loving my loaded sweet potato bowls!  This one was mashed sweet potato with cinnamon and then I topped it with a broken up cookie dough energy ball & some coconut PB!

Lunch: Leftover homemade burger with a whole wheat bun & laughing cow plain cheese!  Paired it with some mixed veggies for a balanced meal!

Afternoon snack:  Plain skyr yogurt with cinnamon & granola!  I swear this snack will never get old! PS have you tried skyr yogurt before?  It is a lot thicker than greek yogurt and has the same protein content with less sugar!

Dinner: BBQ chicken, mashed avocado, roasted potatoes, local corn & cucumber salad (I ate about half)!

I was still hungry after dinner so I enjoyed a little dessert: small scoop of skyr yogurt, 1/2 dark chocolate lindt ball, small cookie dough energy ball & coconut whip cream! One of my favourite desserts!


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