Things I am Loving Friday- September 16, 2016

Hey guys!  I hope you all had a great week!

One of my favourite blog posts by Julie @ Peanut Butter Fingers is her “Things I am Loving Friday” posts so I thought that I would participate this week! It is an opportunity for me to share some of my favourite new finds that aren’t specific to just food!

So let’s get to it!

  1.  Made In Nature’s cinnamon toasted coconut flakes  – Since you all know how much I love food, you know that I HAVE to include one of my new favourite foodie finds!  I recently got my hands on some of Made In Nature’s cinnamon toasted coconut flakes and I am totally obsessed!  I had never tried toasted coconut flakes before since they are usually so high in sugar but I was super impressed when I found these ones by Made In Nature since they weren’t! The only problem?  They were gone within a couple of days 😉



2. Bralettes- I was recently in Toronto with a bunch of my girlfriend’s who introduced me to these “new” bras called Bralettes.  I got these super cute ones from Artizia. They are super comfy and totally sexy if you ask me ;).  I usually wear them with lose tops where you can’t really see my chest since with tight shirts, I need all the padding I can get 😉


3. Swell water bottles– I have the best family and they gave me this gorgeous new water bottle when I was promoted recently at work!  They keep my drinks super cold and hot and I love the look of them!


4. Oh she glows everyday cookbook.  My girlfriend gave me this recipe book last week and I have seriously made so many things out of it!  I am not personally a vegetarian/vegan but I do love all of her recipes!  Most of the time I will just add some meat to her main course recipes! If you are looking for a new cookbook, I bet you would love this!


5. My dog, Benny.  If you know me, you know how much I don’t like animals LOL. Don’t ask me why, but I have never been much for animals growing up!  However, my boyfriend has bugged me for the last 2 years about getting a dog (he loves them) and I finally caved.  AKA meet Benny.  Between you & I, I am totally in love.  He is such a good boy and he is the ultimate cuddle buddy! He always has to me right beside me or on top of me.  (I secretly love it).

I would love to hear some new things that you are loving lately!  PS if you like these posts, make sure to let me know & I will continue with them! ❤





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