My name is Kaylee and I was born and raised in a small town outside of London, Ontario. I am a Staff Accountant who currently practices in Audit!

Although I do love crunching numbers, I am also a huge lover of fitness and food. Growing up as an athlete, it has always been a priority to me to find balance between my work/school and my athletics.

I created this blog to be able to share some of my workouts, healthy recipes and what my days look like balancing work and fitness.

I hope I can show you the importance of living a life that is full of healthy food and activity. I am a big believer that the food you put into your body should be used to fuel your daily activities.

However, to be able to stick to a healthy lifestyle, you have to ENJOY the foods you are eating. That is why I am going to be sharing a lot of healthy recipes that you and your family can enjoy while still being healthy!